About Us

Our Story

Introduction and History

Why did you decide to open Curvaceous Boutique?

I have been thinking for a few years now that Olds needs a plus sized store.  The only places to get quality plus sizes are in the city’s.  Then I was thinking about consignment stores and thought why not have a “plus size only” consignment store here.  Once I made the decision the pieces started to fall into place and the support from my family and friends, and community has been astonishing.

When did this location open?

 September 2st, 2020


What can shoppers expect in store?

The store is catering to XL and up, we have a high end section as well as an budget conscience section.  Something for everyone.  We are also going to sell hand bags, shoes, hats and costume jewelry.

Why is it important to offer not only a range of clothing for curvaceous women, but also to offer the choice of consignment?

I feel that we as women, all sizes and shapes want to dress nice and sometimes you can’t for whatever reason, finding attractive or any plus size can be a challenge. This gives an affordable way to do that and earn some money along the way.

What do you love the most about the shop?

The excitement of finding that piece that you have been searching for.  I want the women to feel beautiful in their own environment, with like minded women.

If you could tell your clients, and potential clients, just one thing what would that be?

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel and dress that way!

 Charity and Social Media​

We are still working on this, but we are going two ways.  First, if you want your clothes donated if they don’t sell, then we will be donating them to Women in Need Society (WINS).

Second, if you want your earned money to go to charity the charities you can pick from will be

  • Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society

  • Wild Rose Humane Society

  • Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)

We intend to participate running fund raisers for said charities in the future.